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Hi, I'm Tara. I'm a Freelance Videographer and Writer. My work can be found here:

Here is a collection of things I like to post about quite frequently: pizza, cats, lingerie, vegetarian food, beyonce, instant film, web design, american television, 1999 cinema, feminism, lipstick, dinner dates, body positivity, studded things, filmmaking, lyrics, cover songs, quotes, obsessions, winter holidays, travelling, collages, documenting things, music videos, cooking, hair accessories, handmade stuff, originality, heart shaped things, green eating, title sequences, exploring and experimenting, challenging ideologies, photography, vinyls, artwork, sunglasses, cocktails, tattoos, making lists, magazine covers and all things creative ♥

Remember when Lily Allen was good-ish? Ok tolerable? Why did she even come back the stuff she’s producing now is so awful. “Hard Out Here” seemed promising but as for “Sheezus” I couldn’t make it past the half way point.



Jon Hamm at the New York International Auto Show

so fit

Pic from Easter Sunday shenanigans

Pic from Easter Sunday shenanigans


Enjoying Mad Men new season so far but want to see what Betty has been up to!


I find it laughable that Peggy Olson couldn’t find a date/was alone on valentine’s day in last night’s Mad Men

Like, an intelligent, successful woman who’s also a total babe?

come on

is every character on Mad Men gay or something?

she’s hung up on Ted so probably not presenting herself as available