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Hi, I'm Tara. I'm a Freelance Videographer and Writer. My work can be found here:

Here is a collection of things I like to post about quite frequently: pizza, cats, lingerie, vegetarian food, beyonce, instant film, web design, american television, 1999 cinema, feminism, lipstick, dinner dates, body positivity, studded things, filmmaking, lyrics, cover songs, quotes, obsessions, winter holidays, travelling, collages, documenting things, music videos, cooking, hair accessories, handmade stuff, originality, heart shaped things, green eating, title sequences, exploring and experimenting, challenging ideologies, photography, vinyls, artwork, sunglasses, cocktails, tattoos, making lists, magazine covers and all things creative ♥

You and me are apples in trees; 
Don’t fall far from me. 

Tagged: #demon dance

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